Tuesday, October 28, 2014

lochlan is one, honey bear style!

Hello abode lovers! Have y'all been loving your abode's like crazy in my blogosphere absence?! Sorry about that… to attempt to make up for my long-time leave, I'm sharing Lochlan's fabulous Honey Bear party. Put your excited pants on, you're gonna need 'em.

So, to avoid the emotional roller coaster that was my first child's first birthday, I crafted my brains out and put glitter on everything. "WAIT!" you say… "HE'S A BOY!" you say… that's right. Lochlan is a boy, but he must be okay with glittered birthday parties if he's going to be my son. Also, for those of you who don't know… I've called Lochlan, Honey Bear since he was born.

A BIG THANK YOU to Stefanie Warren Photography (my amazing-face big sis) for capturing the beautiful memories of the day… I was able to ENJOY myself and not worry about photos! (fist pump)

Let's go ahead and start with the cake. Thanks to my SuperMom, Lochlan had a full blown beehive as his smash cake complete with candy bees. Reason #29830944738 that I call my mom SuperMom. 

I made the party hats for all of our guests using wrapping paper that I had purchased last Christmas. A little hand-cut tissue paper, fringe and glitter and we were set!

The baby bear had to have his own hat… duh.


SuperMom and I hand-made the pennants with letters on our vacation to Michigan over the summer… it was a fun project and adds a sweet homemade feel to his little party. I also made the birthday crown. Man, that was a LOT of work, I'm not even gonna lie. 

I made the 'hunny' pots out of old terra-cotta pots that I had stashed in the garage. A little spray paint, glue and glitter gave me the drippy look that I was going for. 

SuperMom and I stayed up too late the night before the party making these adorable and really yummy sugar cookies. Bears, bees , the #1 and 'hunny' pots were part of the assortment.  

Yours truly in mad party-prep mode in the drink station. 

I snagged these Nesbitt's Honey Lemonade's from World Market on Sale-- I couldn't believe how perfect they were for the party!

Yep, this happened. I was dying to get a photo of my little Honey Bear holding an oversized red balloon. His cuteness overwhelms me. 

Here's little bear getting ready for his party, he's wearing a honey bee john-john and red and yellow bee shoes. We dressed for the theme, obviously. 

I love this set up of succulents, roses and babies breath.

I took photos of Lochlan wearing his birthday crown and birthday outfit up in Michigan a few weeks before his birthday and I just loved the way they turned out! 

I glittered clothes pins and used ribbon from my Christmas decor to hang pictures of Lochlan I took every month from his first year. 

I was worried he wouldn't wear the hat that I spent HOURS on… but a big sugar cookie was all he needed to get his mind off the hat on his head. #sugaroverload

Singing "Happy Birthday"-- he LOVED it. 

…he loved the cake more. 

I removed the candy bees thinking they may be a choking hazard… and then he went to TOWN. Good gosh, this kid really knows how to smash a cake. 

Remember that HUGE beehive cake… demolished. Proud mama right there. 

I went all out for this little honey bear's first birthday party. I did so because I don't do well with time passing. When it comes to this baby growing up… I'm kind of an emotional disaster. I figured with enough crafting and glitter I would just be too busy to completely fall apart. Thank God there were no "ugly cry" moments at the party. Ha! Have a great day abode lovers! 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

…no joke

Contact me about commissions, if they're purchased this week they're discounted as well! (I am also now offering ready to hang originals on wood panels). If something is sold out in the shop we can talk about making something similar to fit your style on WOOD or ROLLED CANVAS! 

Friday, December 13, 2013

15% off Laurel Dawn Shop!

Just a few more weeks until Christmas, so get your shop on and grab your 15% discount before all of the new paintings are sold out! 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

new paintings!

Hello abode lovers! I hope all of you have had an amazing Thanksgiving, we sure did. Lochlan was held pretty much for 48 hours, which was heavenly for him! It's pretty amazing to have a family that loves my little baby so much.

So, I've been super busy painting and am so happy to introduce new paintings to my shop! Here is a sampling of the new stuff, just in time for Christmas! (I also gave my little shop a big face lift, so be sure to check it out!)

Yes, it really happened! I am offering framed pieces that are ready to hang! There are only a handful of these so get them while you can!


I have been so humbled by the response to my paintings and am so excited to finally share some new work! If you are interested in a commission of your wedding bouquet (or any flowers that you love) contact me! Have a great day abode lovers! 


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